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What is INFOhio?

INFOhio is a free portal for all students and residents of Ohio that contains reputable databases, websites, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reliable information resources.


Why should I use it?

Take advantage of INFOhio’s resources to advance your success in school, career, and life.


How do I get to it?

You can access INFOhio right from the Greenon Local School District website. One way is to click on the INFOhio link on the Indian Valley Intermediate School Library Media Centerwebpage. (If you go that way, then skip steps 1 and 2 below, and proceed to step 3) For the second way, start with step one below:

Step 1: 

In the upper righthand corner of the Greenon home page ( ), find the tab on the far right of the top navigation bar that says GLS Forms & Links and click on it.



Step 2: 

Once you are on the INFOhio home page, find the rose purple colored button on the left that saysPre-K thru 5 and click on it. (If you are in 6th thru 8th grade click on the gold colored 6 thru 8button.)



Step 3: 

Now you can search and explore all the databases, resources, games, and activities to fill your information, educational, and entertainment needs!



Do I need a password?


If you are within the range of the school’s wifi system, then, NO, you do not need a password. However, when you are at home or anywhere outside of the school’s wifi range, then, YES, you do need a username and password to use INFOhio. Please ask the librarian for your username and password information.


How do I use INFOhio?


Teachers use INFOhio to support and enhance their curriculum and lesson plans.


Students use INFOhio to research information on assigned topics, find articles for reports, watch videos, read e-books on BookFlix, learn about topics they find interesting, play online games, and find fun activities.


Where can I find articles on INFOhio?


The best places to start looking for articles on INFOhio Pre-K thru 5 are the Discovery Portal Elementary or the World Book Kids Encyclopedia database.


The Discovery Portal Elementary takes you to safe websites with reliable information.



World Book Kids is the database brought to you by the reputable World Book Encyclopedia that has been helping students’ research since 1917.


Today it has articles, games, videos, activities, and more. Click around to discover and explore!

Are there videos on INFOhio?

The best place on INFOhio to find videos is on the Digital Video Collection database.


Are there e-books on INFOhio?


A favorite site of students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade is BookFlix, which allows the students to either have an e-book read to them, or to read an e-book silently. There are plenty of e-books to choose on BookFlix.




How do I get to the games and activities on INFOhio?


On the Pre-K thru 5 page of INFOhio, there is a section on the right side bar dedicated to games such as Cat in the Hat and The Potato Game.


More games and activities can be found on other sites, too. For example, World Book Kids has a large selection of fun and educational games to challenge every level from beginner to expert!World Book Kids also has fun activities and science experiments to try. Just click around and explore to find more!

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